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About Us

TidalStream Limited is a privately owned renewable energy business focusing entirely on Tidal Energy.

TidalStream Partners was formed in 2006 to develop a turbine-agnostic platform system capable of deploying and operating tidal turbines in a much more cost-effective way than proposed single turbine installations. The partners brought a wealth of experience of the early days and maturing of the wind industry, and of the practicalities of developing new marine technology and bringing it to commercial reality.  This guided the approach to the requirements of accessibility and reliability so as to enable the significant reductions in cost that are needed for a sustainable commercial future.

The technology was built on the pioneering work of John Armstrong with the first patent granted in 2003. Subsequent development was carried out through a consortium of organisations and support from the UK government (BERR/DECC), and was then further developed using private investment funds through tank and tidal river testing to validate analytical modeling.

TidalStream was subsequently incorporated into a limited company and in 2011 SCHOTTEL INDUSTRIES GmbH, seeing that this platform approach was eminently suitable for deployment of the novel tidal energy turbines it intended to develop, invested in TidalStream.  In 2014 SCHOTTEL INDUSTRIES formed a dedicated subsidiary, SCHOTTEL HYDRO GmbH, to provide services covering in-stream turbines, platform systems and engineering and manufacturing of power train components.  TSL is now part of SCHOTTEL HYDRO.





SCHOTTEL GmbH, the marine propulsion specialist, has always been quick to break new ground and  apply innovative technologies to new products or different applications.  Marine renewable energy is a forward-looking addition to their portfolio and now.  Besides capital SCHOTTEL are providing technical expertise and  management support on the way to full commercialisation. Click the logo  for further details.

TidalStream is a Company member of RenewableUK

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