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  • Turbines currently being developed by third-party companies can be mounted in multiple units, ie arrays, significantly enhancing cost-effectiveness. 


  • Triton platforms can be floated out to site fully fitted with turbines
  • installation requires no barges, large cranes, jack-ups or divers for installation
  • a single seabed anchor point is all that is required for location: as a shear connection this will have many times the load capacity of an anchorage supporting the moment arm from a single cantilevered turbine
  • Triton can incorporate all electrical equipment on-board  and can provide 11 or 33 kV export to shore.


  • electrical equipment can be accessed while the system is either in the operating or maintenance position
  • Triton can be brought to the surface within 30 minutes -   enabling inspection/maintenance of turbines and key subsea components
  • Triton has a long period response with low wave response, so access is similar to fixed platforms
  • all key seabed fittings, bearings, release mechanism and connections can be brought to the surface for full  access in the dry


  • Triton is designed to swing and follow the tide - maximising energy capture and reducing loads
  • the turbines always operate downstream of the flow - so low-efficiency bi-directional rotor operation is not required
  • the turbines are located within the water column, but clear of both the storm-affected surface and low energy bottom streams
  • with up to 10MW of conversion capability from a single installation the cost of energy is greatly reduced relative to single turbine installations.
T6 Technical

The Triton system enables turbines to be mounted on semi-submersible spar buoys secured to a seabed anchorage by a rigid swing-arm tether. This gives a platform that can be towed to the site already assembled, then deployed to its operating position by simple water-ballasting.


The surface-piercing element is always accessible and contains key electrical and control items.

Full access is gained by de-ballasting, which brings the system to the surface when required for annual maintenance – eg for defouling – or repair.





Attachment to the seabed can be accomplished in several ways. Click here to see how:



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