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Triton T6 - Large Platform 5 - 10 MW

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The Triton T6 has been developed for deep, fast-flowing coastal streams. It enables several rows of large turbines to be accommodated giving very large capacities of up to 10MW, in waters up to 90m deep.


As with the Triton T3, these turbines can be drawn from those being developed by many companies in the industry, with systems such as yaw or cooling eliminated and others such as power conversion, transformers and high voltage switchgear located in those parts of the Triton structure that are accessible in the operating position.



The image shows a typical Triton 6 system with six turbines in two rows, each with rotors up to 25m diameter giving total power rating of up to 10MW, located in 60 – 70m water depth


Also shown is a range of alternative rotors that can be accommodated, including three-bladed open and multi-bladed shrouded types with axle- and rim-mountings. Many of these rotors can have improved energy capture as they no longer have to be subject to the compromise of generating in two opposite directions of flow


Triton T6 Turb 2
Turb 3
Turb 1

Right - a Triton T6 stability and fault condition scale test undertaken in the deep water ocean basin near Brest, France


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